Yang Family Taiji Spear

Yang family Taiji originally had both the big spear and the little flower spear training. The “big spear” set is the Taiji big spear 13 movements set, and the “little flower” spear set is the Taiji spear 24 movements set.

The movements of Taiji Quan must be stretched and open

Nowadays, many Taiji practitioners have a common problem; their movements are not open enough; they are too “compact” (not the real compactness). When demonstrating their form…

Interview with Liang Dehua for Taichimag

At the sources of the Yang style: Original interview in English released by Liang Dehua, then translated into French by Emmanuel Agletiner, for the magazine Taichimag No.19.

The Old Yang family big frame Taijiquan thirteen postures

The old Yang family big frame Taijiquan thirteen postures is the form that Yang Lu Chan passed down to his sons (second generation, grandmasters Yang Ban Hou and Yang Jian Hou)…