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Different expressions such as joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness can be seen in Taijiquan when Fa Jin (issue force). This is a manifestation of skill (Gongfu) and finding the correct force. If these expressions are absent, it means one has not yet mastered the skills.

1. When Luchan Fa Jin, it was a method of hitting from nothingness. The one who was hit doesn’t even know how he got hit; it is incredibly mysterious.

2. When Banhou Fa Jin, it is like a thunderclap in a clear sky. With just one “Pa” sound, the person was thrown a yard away. Many people were seriously hurt by him.

3. Jianhou’s Fa Jin was done with a light touch and clever hand technique. Although the technique was light, it could make people unable to escape, and then it shot people out like an arrow. This can truly be referred to as a divine touch.

4. Shao Hou’s Fa Jin was extremely loose (flexible) and swift. His cryptic action made it difficult for people to predict and defend, causing them to get hurt by him.

5. Master Yang (Chengfu)’s Fa Jin was a sudden Dantian force. Before he would Fa (issue), he appeared to be thoughtful; when he did Fa, it was like Guan Yu slaying Yan Liang with a single stroke. Yet, their eyes were still wide open while their heads fell to the ground. This should be regarded as the true spirit of internal boxing.

6. Wu Huichuan specializes in a soft rebounding force, truly worthy of being a disciple of the Yang family. His student named Zhang Yu, his force is quite good, and his ability to issue a long and relaxed Jin is not bad.

7. Cui Yishi (Lizhi) can issue a relaxed-sinking force. He would take a breath before Fa, then issue with a relaxed and rebounding force. This force can make a person vocalize (because the lungs are compressed). This is the skill of using the breath to hit the breath.

8. Dong Yingjie has great strength and courage. He dares to hit and confront, which is his strong point. He is good at kneading Jin, which can make people stagger and fall.

9. Li Xiangyuan (Bao Yu) has devoted his entire life to hard work, and his posture’s flexibility and softness are good enough, especially his Fa Jin is more solid than anyone else’s. His Jin could penetrate deeply inside, truly a master. But I think he is not enough in terms of adapting to change and subtlety; hence it shows the difficulty of Taijiquan. It’s hard to find a complete master, really not easy; therefore, in more than a hundred years, only Master Yang Luchan has appeared, followed by Banhou, Jianhou, and Master Chengfu.

10. Tian Zhaolin’s soft-hitting Gongfu, as if broken off, is also good.

11. Zheng Manqing is good at applying a method that touches to measure accurately and then steps forward to attack. Although he is small, he has skills and courage, so even if the opponent is prepared, they are still getting hit by him.

12. As for me, I am even less competent. Although there are some aspects of unpredictability, sudden hitting, and Dantian power due to following Master Cheng Fu for more than ten years, my strength is to use unpredictable changes and sudden hits like lightning, and I’m not particularly eager to stick with people and wriggle. But unfortunately, I did not practice well in the early years, and my foundation was not enough, so my achievement is not deep, which is really a pity.

Written by: Li Yaxuan (李雅轩), November 01, 1975.
Translated by: Liang Dehua with the help of some AI.

One thought on “Li Yaxuan: The expression in Fa Jin of the former famous masters

  1. So pretty much as people adapt to the art, the art adapts and gives them skills unique to them. Though some vary in execution which is why we have different styles? Just typing aloud

    All in all good and interesting read also insights to how the different masters expressed their skills.

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