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Kieren Krygier, The Martial Man

I first met Liang De Hua in 2017, while he was teaching Taiji Quan to a group of students in Bangkok. Since that initial meeting, I have spent countless hours in his company. Having observed Sifu Liang De Hua instruct students on a one-to-one basis and conduct workshops attended by 40+ people, I have no hesitancy in testifying that Liang De Hua is a world-class instructor. He embodies authentic Taiji Quan skills and possesses a unique ability to transmit his high-level teachings to others. His continued efforts and willingness to share the Traditional Yang-style Taiji Quan methods are a rarity.
Before our initial meeting, I had read many stories of accomplished Taiji masters of the past. The tales of the early Yang Taiji masters attaining extraordinary skills and demonstrating remarkable internal abilities led me to believe that the old Yang system had not passed down in its entirety, and the knowledge was somehow lost over time. After meeting Sifu Liang and extensively experiencing his Taiji skills, I recognized that my earlier presumptions were wrong. The ancestral knowledge of the Old Yang system, including the traditional forms and sophisticated internal training methods, had indeed been preserved and can still be learned under his guidance.
Sifu Liang De Hua is the real deal. He is an accomplished practitioner, a talented teacher, and a generous person. If you’re looking for a teacher that has genuine internal skills, extensive knowledge of the arts, and the expertise to pass on their system efficiently, then an opportunity to train with Sifu Liang should not be missed.

Nicola Pala, Italy

I have been practicing martial arts for over 30 years, mostly external styles (traditional karate mainly but also several years of practice in various styles of “external kung fu” and Brazilian ju jitsu); at the end of the 90s I also started to approach the Chinese Internal Styles (Taijiquan and Yiquan) that have always fascinated me … I am a very “practical” person given the background where I come from and unfortunately in this area the teachers I met never really convinced me… for the most part people with few theoretical notions and no “internal skills”, those very few who had some of it often had obtained it more “stealing” from various masters and mixing what they have learned than through a real apprenticeship in a pure and coherent lineage, and/or, were reluctant to really share this knowledge with their students whose level was clear evidence of this … then I was lucky enough to see a video of Sifu Liang on Facebook, I was immediately impressed … there was something in his way of practicing the form or tui shou completely different from whoever I had met before … I decided to contact him and invite him to Rome to hold a workshop … the meeting in person surprised me even more … Sifu Liang immediately proved to be a martial artist with enormous skills, these are evident for those who have the martial level to perceive them, and even if he does not like to show off, from the first meeting I understood that his skills went far beyond what he was showing at that moment, and I had the confirmation of this through the private training sessions that subsequently followed… his very high ability to “control” the opponent, the power of his blows, especially impressive for such a light person, make it clear that what he puts into practice is a “real and pure internal gong fu”, and the level of his advanced students proves his sincerity in the transmission of the Art. To all this, I must add that he is a person of enormous generosity and humility which was as important to me as his martial abilities when I made the decision to abandon the practice of karate to dedicate myself exclusively to the taijiquan that he teaches asking him to be able to become his pupil. Since then I have invited him several times to Rome and I have also followed him in Europe to be able to train with him as much as possible … his skills and the knowledge he has in the profound art of Taijiquan every time surprise me more and more and over time a beautiful relationship of friendship has been also established. In the modern martial arts world we often hear people talking about Wu De, martial ethics, or “mysterious internal skills”, but then what we meet goes, just as often, in a completely different direction … Sifu Liang, in this context, is a rare exception and I consider myself lucky to be able to call him Master and Friend.

Alvaro de la Iglesia, United States

In 34 years of training martial arts and 12 years of teaching, I have never met a martial artist with the skills that Sifu Liang possesses. I have also never met a martial arts teacher who is so kind, giving, and openhearted. It was an honor for him to accept me as his student and a pleasure to be his friend.
Over the years, I have studied karate, judo, BJJ, several kinds of kung fu, Krav Maga, Systema, and over 20 years of Taijiquan. I have also competed in full contact fighting and earned a certification in tactical martial arts training for the military. Despite all of this experience, no one has ever demonstrated the fighting skill, power, and knowledge that Sifu Liang has shown me at his classes and workshops. You have to experience it for yourself at least once. If you have ever wondered whether or not the stories about Yang LuChan are true, you need to give Sifu Liang’s workshops a try and then you will know they are true.
Sifu Liang’s training method is very well structured and open. He will answer your questions and share with you what you need to develop the skills that he has developed. You can experience the effectiveness of the training method with his senior students who assist at his workshops and classes. Sifu Liang is very clear about the purpose of every exercise he teaches and how it fits into the overall curriculum.
Personally, in my current training, I am benefiting the most from the internal exercises that he teaches. The exercises have changed my body and developed a different kind of strength and recently explosiveness that is difficult for me to put into words and that I have never experienced before. All you have to do is train as he tells you to train and you will see physical and tangible results. Also, though I have learned several methods of Zhan Zhuang, I never really understand what I was supposed to be doing during Zhan Zhuang until Sifu Liang explained the beginnings of the practice to me. Now I can do Zhan Zhuang for 5 minutes or 30 and understand how I am working to develop myself regardless of the time.
For over 30 years I have been searching for that amazing martial arts Sifu whose skills are what you read about in old books and see in the movies. The moment I met Sifu Liang and felt his skills I knew he was that person. I will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to train with him and his students. If you are also someone who has been searching and is not satisfied with the answers you have found and earnestly want to develop yourself, you owe it to yourself to experience Sifu Liang’s teachings. Come with an open heart. You will not regret it.

Joâo Filipe, Portugal

Sifu Liang De Hua, the first time I touched hands with him I could understand that I was in front of a true martial artist, not just a person who gives classes of routines and exercises for you to practice. But I could see that he is some of the rare (nowadays) that not only have real experience but also keeps training and above of all he has the passion to share his knowledge. The first day we touched hands, I just had one thought in my mind: “what can I do with someone with his skill and internal power, he gives me a light punch or kick and feels like he is breaking my bone. I punch him hard and he is like the mythical iron shirt, as nothing is going on. And I have trained martial arts since childhood, I had fought hard with and without protections, I had 18 years of training traditional Kung Fu, and I could not imagine that I would ever meet someone like this.”
His knowledge of historical context and philosophy within the martial arts keeps surprising me each time I see him. I’m thankful to have met him and to be learning from him and besides that Sifu is a friendly, joyful and kind person that we who know him love to share time with.

Rodrigo Muñoz Castro, Chile

I would like to thank my Sifu Liang De Hua for all the taichi lessons and help he has given me.
I’m a professional psychologist and have more than 20 years of experience practicing taichi, in 2019 I attended a workshop held in Chile and I was very lucky to meet Sifu Liang, I was deeply surprised by his extraordinary skills and his great knowledge of taichi, I was able to cross hands with him and in my years of practice I have never experienced such amazing high level of taichi. If they had told me, or seen it in a video, I don’t know if I would have believed it. At that moment I understood that if I really wanted to learn taichi, I had to follow its teachings. That was the taichi I had been searching for many years on!
Now in 2020, he has accepted me as his student and now I call him my Sifu. I consider myself very lucky not only because I am learning a genuine taichi of the highest level, but also because in the human side, Liang is a humble person with a big heart, very generous, he helped me when I needed it the most, he is an authentic and sincere person, and like many already know, he is also happy and fun, it is always a pleasure to be with him, Liang is my sifu and he is my friend, and I also consider him my brother.
I know that some times people criticize him on social networks because his videos seem not real. I can affirm that everything you see in the videos is real, there is no fake, the videos show real skills that can be learned by training with him.

Mark Rabin, Australia

I recently met Sifu Liang De Hua at the 2020 Martial Camp in Thailand. Although it was only for 2 days, he left a very deep impression on me. Not only for his profound skills and understanding of Tai Chi Chuan, but also for his ability to teach and clearly pass on this knowledge. I found each of the students he brought to the seminar were also highly skilled and equally good natured. I also enjoyed his natural, light-hearted and easy going nature. He is a very humble man, who is honest and open about himself and his level of skill. He never once made any exaggerated claims about his abilities. It is extremely rare to find such a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan who can both use it with such devastating effectiveness and also teach it clearly, with genuine understanding and openness. His natural good natured lightheartedness belies his profound skill and his deep commitment individually to each of his students. I believe the chance to learn from him and become one of his students would be one of the greatest opportunities in life.

Uwe Dorn, Germany

I met Sifu Liang at his first workshop in Europe in Amsterdam, that was 2 years ago. Now after two years I visited 5 workshops of Sifu Liang, 2 in Amsterdam, 3 in Rome, more was not possible, because I have had no more holiday. His knowledge of Taijiquan and the history of Taijiquan is really big.
The first time I touched hands with him, I felt an unbelievable power, which I never felt before, I was deeply impressed by his really high skills. Sifu Liang also has the possibility to “translate” Chinese taiji-knowledge for western people. His teaching is really deep with a lot of details and competence. Sifu Liang is a gentleman and a wonderful human being, with good humor and good Character.
For me, it was a big pleasure to meet Sifu Liang.
In his Workshops, I have had the chance, to meet three of his highly skilled students. Three good guys, also with good teaching. I am looking forward to meeting Sifu Liang.

Florin Gurbanescu, Romania

I’ve been practicing external styles for more than 30 years, Taijiquan for more than 20, and I’ve been a Wushu coach for the last 10 years. As a martial arts practitioner, I believe that mastery in martial arts comes down to being able to apply in a real fight what you practice. As a coach, I value the ability to pass on your knowledge and skills.
At the workshops I have attended, 4 so far, Sifu Liang De Hua fully demonstrated that he has both reached mastery, and that he has the ability to transmit his knowledge. And last but not least, I want to mention Sifu’s modesty and generosity, which make up for a great master and a great human being.

Eugenia Cosinschi, Romania

A couple of years ago, I felt stuck in my Taiji practice. I kept thinking it has to be more than just doing pretty forms. And I had all these questions… Why is it a martial art if it’s practiced like a ballet? Why would the imperial guards train in Taiji if it wasn’t an effective martial art? If it was so effective, why none of the Taiji practitioners I knew had any special skills? How on Earth can anyone use Taiji form applications in a real fight?
Then, I met Sifu Liang De Hua, and I got all the answers. Not theoretically, but by experiencing myself what Taiji skills are all about. But even more importantly, from a person that’s also humble, kind and always fun and cheerful. So thank you, Sifu, looking forward to continuing exploring the path and seeing how far I can get.

Hernán del Puerto
Ma Tsun Kuen Taijiquan School – Punta Alta, Argentina

In 2018 I met Sifu Liang De Hua through videos on the Internet. In 2019 I was lucky to share 15 days with him in my country, Argentina. On that occasion, I discovered that Sifu Liang is much more than what is seen in the videos. He has a deep understanding of traditional Yang-style Taijiquan and an extraordinary ability to pass it on to anyone interested in learning. To this, I must add that he is a very kind, generous and respectful human being. I am very grateful to him for his teachings.

Christiano Dos Santos, Brazil

I’ve met Liang in a Seminar in Buenos Aires, Argentina and it was a very pleasant experience. I’ve been training martial arts since 86, mostly southern Kung Fu, and a couple of years of Yang style Taijiquan. Before this, the only notion I had about internal skills was by watching youtube vids, but knowing him in person I could check by myself that his skills are genuine, and the most important thing in terms of learning is his way to teach, very frankly and open, without mysticism or any kind of “superman aura”, you know, I could ask about everything, chat, and enjoyed a very friendly atmosphere. I am very thankful that I got this opportunity.

Erwan Cloarec, France

I’ve been practicing Taijiquan for about 20 years, with fine and fairly competent teachers (and some less competent…) And I’m grateful to them for their lessons. But it was only when I started to study with Sifu Liang that I came to see and feel the qualities we hear and read so much about in Taijiquan circles embodied in a real person. Not only does he displays incredible skills (far beyond my understanding), but he also shows great teaching competence, clearing ideas and concepts, explaining Taijiquan training methodologies such as Neigong in a way that we can hope to grasp something real about what Taijiquan is about, before we die…The method appears as it is: yes it’s very difficult and requires enormous dedication, but ar least we can trust we will achieve something real eventually, and will not get lost in fantasy land…I’m looking forward to studying again with Sifu Liang soon, and I warmly recommend any Taiji adept to study with him.

Adam Anthony Chemwengo
The Netherlands

Sifu Liang is an outstanding tai chi teacher, he shares his knowledge of the art with passion, and in only a hand full of meetings he broadened my horizons on what human mind and body are capable of. The training methods thought during his workshops quickly showed tangible results. His liberal way of teaching makes learning traditional and authentic Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan a wonderful experience.

Michael Davidson, Taiwan

I met Sifu Liang a number of years ago when I visited him in Chiang Mai. Having trained with a number of fairly well-respected teachers of internal arts in the United States and Taiwan I wasn’t sure what to expect. Simply said, he was the first person I’ve trained with who talked about “internal” principles and then was able to demonstrate them. He’s not a big guy so he couldn’t rely on his size or strength which is a fairly common practice for many teachers. This to me said a lot and made me realize that he is one of the few people teaching something really special. I would strongly urge anyone who is practicing internal martial arts to attend one of his workshops.

Anto Thompson, United Kingdom

I met Laing De Hua at one of his regular workshops in Italy. After having practiced Taiji from the age of 14, I quickly realized that I had found what I was looking for all those years ago. Liang gave clear and precise instruction, leaving no doubt about what you should be doing and dispensing with a lot of the mystical unclear terminology, using an easily understandable instructing style. Once I got hands-on experience (in which he was able to control and manipulate me with ease, and with a great big smile on his face!) I was in no doubt his ability and depth of understanding.
Upon getting into conversation and spending some time over lunch chatting it was also clear that he had more to offer than his Taiji skills. Liang is also very humble and down to earth, openly discussing matters of interest and having a laugh. I look forward to continuing training and exploring the depths of knowledge and experience Liang De Hua has to offer, I practice regularly what little I have learned from him but still feel I get so much from it.

Taha Hassouna, Egypt

I have been following Master Liang De Hua for many years on the internet and had finally the chance to meet him in the last Martial camp where I trained and felt his Gongfu.
Traditional internal Martial Arts are not as available as we think. One of the main reasons for that is whoever have this genuine knowledge doesn’t necessarily have the capacity or the will to transmit. So finding someone who has skills and can transmit them is a very rare thing today. Master Liang has both, plus he has a passion for it.
I could say more about how of a great and skilled teacher he is, however, even though I met with him for such a short time and that I like to believe that when you meet a genuine teacher even for one day it could change your life, I would like to speak about him beyond the Master he is but as the human being, and for that I would say I see many people training so hard trying to find peace and running after it as an unattainable destination…
But when I see Liang Shifu, I feel like he is one of those people I met who are actually living and practicing in peace and not running after it.

Alex Chan, Singapore

Master Liang is from an authentic Taiji lineage with in-depth knowledge on Yang Shao Hou’s martial art method. He has the knowledge of the unique Yang family Ba Duan Jin (八断筋) which is very good for martial art foundation building. He demonstrates clearly the power of neutralizing (Hua, 化), controlling (Na, 拿), striking (Da,打) and emitting/issuing (Fa, 發). He is friendly and willing to share his Taiji knowledge, practical application and grandmasters historical stories.

Mario Cabezas Leighton, Chile

Liang Dehua came to my country without knowing where he was traveling, South America was in the other part of the world, that’s the only thing he knows. And what he had in mind was; make friends in the taiji world, that was his target, He did 3 great workshops where we receive all his kindness and taiji techniques, always wanting that everyone understands what taiji means for him. I can say I never saw such a great level of taiji, and yes he makes new students, but the most important thing, friends, friends in the other part of his world. I’m proud to be one of his students in Chile.

Steve Man, Canada

我有幸跟梁師傅在清邁学了兩日太極拳. 所得甚多. 梁師父是一個很誠實, 謙虛及太極拳藝非常高的人. 他非常樂意教授及分享他的太極拳藝及推手. 這是在我廿多年來太極拳道路上非常有幸及難得遇上的一位好老師及太極拳高手.
I was fortunate to have a chance to learn Taijiquan and push hands from Master Liang for two days in Chiang Mai. I have gained a lot. Master Liang is a very honest, humble person with a very high Taijiquan and push hands skill. He is happy to teach and share his Taijiquan and push hands skill. Master Liang is a very good teacher with very high Taijiquan and push hands skill, who I have met over 25 years of my Taijiquan practice. Thank you Sifu Liang.

Valerio Bellone, Italy

In my experience, Liang De Hua is one of the Masters who best embodies the principles of Taijiquan. I am his student for some years and I can say that his teachings, in the context of Taijiquan, have also been useful for other martial arts that I practice. All his lessons, include the ones in video, are detailed, direct and effective, going straight to the point. In addition, Liang is a lover of historical research of Taijiquan and he gives the chance to see this art from many point of view to his students.

German Pesaro, Argentina

I have taken a two-day seminar with Sifu Liang Dehua, it was more than surprising to feel what the energy of taiji really meant, with naturalness and clarity to explain, it became easy, something that seemed impossible. I am very grateful.

Federico Ramirez, Argentina

I’m relatively new to Taijiquan, having practiced it exclusively for only about 5 years, but I’ve been practicing martial arts in general for over 10 years, including Taekwondo, Muay Thai and BJJ. I’ve been lucky enough to attend to one of Sifu Liang DeHua’s seminars here in Argentina and I was blown away by his level of skill as well as his humble personality and real love for the art. He teaches solid fundamentals and helped me understand many things I couldn’t understand before and clarify my taijiquan path. It helps greatly that he’s able (and willing) to demonstrate everything he talks about and he has a very high skill level. He also has a very simple way of explaining and not over-complicating things which is great on a teacher. If you ever have the chance to attend one of his seminars, don’t think it twice as you will surely take something away from it. It’s more than worth it!

Wilke Oncken, Germany

I am training taiji quan for 7 years now and here in germany it is hard to find a good teacher. I was lucky to find one who taught taiji not just for health but with a martial approach, who could show me the basic idea and concept of this martial art, but who could not give me deep insides and clear training methods. This is exactly what i found with sifu Liang. A teacher, master and true lineage holder of a taiji quan system. This is real Gong Fu. I am very happy to be able to learn from him.