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Chuan Cheng Academy

The Wen Wu Academy of Taijiquan and Internal Arts welcomes those who are genuinely interested in propagating our authentic system of Taijiquan and Internal Arts. For those who are sincere, we have created opportunities for you to become a certified instructor in our organization and open an affiliate school.

  • Affiliate school – If you are currently operating an existing school and wish to expand your knowledge and improve your internal training, you may be eligible to open an affiliate school, teaching our structured syllabus and system to your students. This option is aimed at people who are following our online training and have previously attended workshops conducted by Sifu Liang Dehua.
  • Official branch – If you have followed Sifu Liang’s teaching’s to a certain level or if you’re currently training at one of our official branches, we offer certified teacher training courses designed for those who want to become an instructor in our academy. Certified instructors are permitted to teach our system with the full support of our academy. They will also be invited to attend future instructor training courses to expand their knowledge and train with Sifu Liang.
  • Indoor student – Providing that you have met Sifu Liang Dehua in person or you’re currently a certified instructor in our academy, Sifu Liang will consider the possibility of accepting indoor students. Those who are accepted will have the opportunity of inheriting our official lineage of Yang-style Taijiquan. The decision to accept someone to be an indoor student is not taken lightly and depends on the relationship between teacher and student.

For details in each option, you can contact us directly or through our branch.


Website: https://chuancheng-academy.com/

Email: [email protected]

Sifu Liang’s Facebook: liangdehuataiji