Primary Course Curriculum

Our comprehensive Taijiquan online course comprises numerous internal martial art aspects for practitioners of all levels. This course is available for everyone and designed to enable the practitioner to gain maximum benefits from their training, improving their health, mind, and energy (Qi). We have divided our curriculum into five parts; Forms and applications, theory, push hands, exercises, and weapons. (click the tabs below for more details)

  • The old Yang Taijiquan standard six sections big frame (大架六路).
  • Yang Taiji Long Boxing or Taiji Changquan (太極長拳), commonly known as Taiji fast form.
  • Yang Shaohou old frame.
  • Some variations from the Yang Shaohou forms.
  • Martial applications from the form (用法).
  • Learning how to use the waist and hip (腰胯) in Taijiquan.
  • Taijiquan’s six harmonies.
  • Taijiquan internal circles.
  • Dui La (對拉) or stretching.
  • How to move by your Yi and Qi.
  • Developing the quality of Song in the Taijiquan forms.
  • How to create Song-Chen Jin (鬆沉勁) in the Taijiquan forms.
  • The eight gates and five steps of Taijiquan in every movement.
  • Yin and Yang harmonizing, and much more.
  • Taiji Yin/Yang philosophy.
  • Taijiquan (Taiji boxing) theory.
  • Yang Chengfu’s 10 essential points.
  • The I-Ching philosophy used in Taijiquan.
  • Cultural understanding.
  • Zhan Zhuang, including the three essential postures (Zhan Zhuang) of yang style Taijiquan.
  • The primary warm-up set.
  • The eight basic exercises.
  • Song Gong for relaxation.
  • Yang family Ba Duan Jin (Nei Gong part).
  • Solo training to develop the various Jins of Taijiquan (勁法).
  • Stretching exercises, and much more.
  • Fixed-step single push.
  • Moving steps single push.
  • Fixed-step double push.
  • Moving steps double push.
  • Inner circling double push.
  • Outer circling double push (four directions pushing hands).
  • Da Lu single push (Kao and Lu).
  • Moving steps Da Lu (four corners pushing hands).
  • San Shou push (open hands push).
  • Integration push hands, Fa Fang Shou (push hands with releasing power or Fa Jin).
  • The old Yang Taijiquan sword form.
  • The old Yang Taijiquan saber form.
  • Yang Taijiquan long pole training.
  • Yang Taijiquan spear training.

Advanced Course Curriculum

The advanced course is for selected advanced students who have graduated from our primary course. It is available to those who want to join our organization as an instructor and/or an in-door inheritor of our lineage. The curriculum covers Yang Shaohou’s advanced material.

  • Yang Shaohou small frame or usage frame.
  • Internal circles and Spiral force.
  • Dan Tian movements in the Taijiquan forms.
  • The advanced application of the forms and much more.
  • Wang Zhongyue Taijiquan classic.
  • Yang Taijiquan treatises.
  • Yang Banhou’s nine essential secrets.
  • The small frame Nei Gong.
  • The complete set of Yang family Ba Duan Jin.
  • The authentic Yang Taiji advanced Nei Gong methods.
  • Solo training to develop the various Jins of Taijiquan (勁法), including many striking techniques.
  • The Waving power of the Dan Tian also known as Dan Tian Gu Dang Jin (丹田鼓蕩勁).
  • Developing the Shaking force in the forms, Dou Tan Jin (抖彈勁), and much more.
  • The plum blossom stepping push hands.
  • The nine palaces stepping push hands.
  • Taiji circle steps push hands.
  • The additional steps Da Lu.
  • San Shou, free hands.
  • The advanced integration push hands, Fa Fang Shou (push hands with releasing power, Fa Jin).
  • Lan Cai Hua, Randomly trampling on flowers, and much more.
  • Taijiquan spear and long pole solo training
  • The thirteen long spear form.
  • The 24 movements flower spear form.
  • Yang Taijiquan long spear form 49 movements.
  • Yang Taijiquan 13 sticking spears (two person set).

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