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In this set of videos, Liang Dehua shares the traditional Taiji spear training passed down from the Yang-family.

Alongside the empty hand forms, weapon training was an essential part of Yang-family Taiji. Both Yang Luchan and Yang Banhou were famous for their spear skills and nicknamed “Yang the invincible.”

Initially, the Yang-family Taiji spear training contained two sets. The “Thirteen Big Spear” (十三大槍) and the “Twenty-Four Flower Spear” (二十四式.) In Yong Nian, China (Yang Luchan’s hometown), the “Thirteen Big Spear” is still trained. The movements are also recorded in Li Yuyi’s manual, meaning that these two sets are the original spear sets of the Yang-family.

In the past, the Taiji spear was an essential training method taught in the Yang-family. The spear was trained not only as a weapon but also with the spearhead removed, and the long pole was used for Gong Li (power) training to increase Nei Jin (internal strength.)

Unlike today, most Taiji masters concentrated on spear training because it was an integral part of their training. Many Taiji masters, including Yang Chenfu, have mentioned that training with the spear every day can increase Nei Jin (internal strength.) The Taiji principles, stick (粘) adhere (黏) join (連) follow (隨) are also trained and developed through the spear training as well.

This online program created by Liang Dehua focuses on the traditional Yang-family “Four Sticking Spears” training. Helping you recognize the importance of Taiji spear training and develop authentic Taiji weapon skills through its structured syllabus. You will learn the solo and partner spear training exercises and specific practices using the long pole to develop Gong Li and increase your internal power.