Frequently Asked Questions

One new video per week is guaranteed and available to watch in the primary learning path section of the members' area. There are also further videos and supporting materials available throughout the course to assist your training and advance your development.

You can cancel your subscription anytime. You will have access to the lessons until your subscription has expired.

After your subscription has expired, you can still access the archived lesson page for the lessons you have previously viewed. If you cannot access the archived lesson pages, please contact me so that I can manually add you to the page. (Coming soon)

You can restart from the point where you left. If the site does not recognize your previous position in the course, please contact me to help you restore your subscription.

If you change your membership, my website will consider your new you as a new member. Please contact me so that I can manually update your subscription and enable you to continue the course without having to start from the beginning.

Paypal can occasionally take longer than expected to process the recurring payment. If this happens, your account status will show as 'pending' until Paypal has processed your payment. Please do not worry, Paypal usually processes the recurring payment within 24 hours.

The internal clock on the website is set to UTC. Once it is 3:00 PM UTC, you will be able to access the video.

Sorry, we don't have that option. Our program starts with the Yang Big Frame, as prescribed by the Yang family's traditional teaching. Even if you have learned this form previously, there may be differences in the details and the way I teach. Learning the Yang Big Frame from me ensures that the correct primary foundation is in place, and you are fully prepared for our future training.

You can join our member Facebook group at 'taijiacademyonline' for discussion and the fastest support (Do not forget to answer the question by your username or email registered on the website). If you cannot join the group on Facebook, please send me an email to You also can post in the forum located in the members' area of the website; however, this may be the slowest way for me to respond.

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