The Wen Wu Academy of Taijiquan and Internal Arts was established by Liang Dehua to promote the cultivation of both fundamental (Wen) and applications (Wu). His mission is to share authentic traditional Taijiquan with the full curriculum of the old Yang-style, Nei Gong, Qi Gong, and Chinese Medicine worldwide through affiliated schools, workshops, online courses.

The Wen Wu Academy of Taijiquan and Internal Arts is open to those interested to be a part of our academy and assist in promoting the true knowledge of the arts.

In the historical text, “The Interpretation of Taiji’s Cultural and Martial’ written by Yang Banhou, it is stated, “Wen, the cultural is the foundation (Ti) and Wu, the martial is the application (Yong). The achievement of the cultural is demonstrated in the martial. It is applied through the essence (Jing), energy (Qi), and spirit (Shen) and the practice of physical training.”

When studying any subject, there are always two aspects of learning. One is the theoretical/foundational understanding of the matter, and one is the manifestation/application of the theory. Wen is cultural, theory, foundation – Wu is martial, application.