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Chuan Cheng Taijiquan and Internal Arts Academy, or Chuan Cheng Academy, was previously known as the Wen Wu Academy. It was founded by Liang Dehua with the aim of promoting and spreading Taijiquan and internal arts. Regarding the reason for the academy’s name change, Liang Dehua explained it in a Facebook Page announcement as follows:

“I would like to announce the new name of our academy, which was formerly known as Wen Wu Academy. This name was hastily chosen without clear consideration of the future direction. Furthermore, I found that this name is often used as the name of Buffet restaurants, so I have decided to officially change the name of our academy to Chuan Cheng Academy.

The main reason for this name change is because we are formally establishing a school for systematic teaching of the arts within our academy. Therefore, it is necessary to decide on an official name that is appropriate for the future direction of our academy, so that everyone can understand and appreciate the value, goals, and mission of our academy.

Chuan Cheng (傳承) in Chinese means inheritance, passing on, and receiving an inheritance. The reason I chose this name is because my students and I deeply appreciate the value of internal arts and its philosophy. We realize that in internal arts, such as Taijiquan, every boxing set (Tao Lu), every boxing set’s variations, every principle and exercise, for example, Nei Gong, Gong Fa, Nei Gong Xin Fa, Push Hands, Fa Fang, San Shou, and weapon sets like the sword, saber, pole, spear, etc, each have their own unique value in training. Every part is a component that makes Taijiquan complete. In addition, the correct transmission from the master according to beautiful cultural principles is also an important component. Therefore, our Chuan Cheng Academy is dedicated to preserving and passing on these components of internal martial arts, maintaining their value and passing on their beauty.

Chuan Cheng Academy aims to be one of the options for adequately transmitting internal martial arts to students who are passionate and dedicated without reservation, as well as disseminating knowledge to the general public to promote the art appropriately. Because Taijiquan and the internal arts are not mine, yours, or anyone’s, but should be something that everyone who devotes themselves to this art with love has the right to study, receive the transmission, and pass on comprehensively. Therefore, we are committed to establishing a standard training system that can disseminate the art to our instructors comprehensively and equitably, so that every student who learns from us can be confident that they can access correct knowledge no matter where they study from Chuan Cheng Academy in the world.

Chuan Cheng Academy is dedicated to promoting the Internal Arts to interested individuals in order to foster these arts, including internal martial arts and its Nei Gong, Qi Gong, Yi Ching, Yin-Yang philosophy, Yi Ching Numerology, traditional Chinese medicine (by my students), Chinese culture, and more. As a disciple in the 6th generation of Shaohou Xi Gu Pai Taijiquan, my primary responsibility is not self-promotion but rather the dissemination of this specific lineage of Taijiquan. I also have the responsibility to transmit and pass on the various boxing sets, training, and methods, such as the Taijiquan big frame (Da Jia), Taijiquan small frame (Xiao Jia), Yang family authentic Nei Gong and Nei Gong Xin Fa, Gong Fa, Push Hands, Fa Fang Shou or Releasing Hands, San Shou or Sparring Hands, Weapons, and more. This is to ensure that every practitioner has access to the true value of each training set and fundamental aspect of Taijiquan in a correct and comprehensive manner.

To this point, I would like to thank everyone who has been following our news and supporting the activities of our Academy. I hope that what we do with dedication, both today and in the future, will bring benefits and happiness to everyone who loves and practices Taijiquan and internal arts.”