Sifu Liang immediately proved to be a martial artist with enormous skills

Dehua Liang

I have been practicing martial arts for over 30 years, mostly external styles (traditional karate mainly but also several years of practice in various styles of “external kung fu” and Brazilian ju jitsu); at the end of the 90s I also started to approach the Chinese Internal Styles (Taijiquan and Yiquan) that have always fascinated me … I am a very “practical” person given the background where I come from and unfortunately in this area the teachers I met never really convinced me… for the most part people with few theoretical notions and no “internal skills”, those very few who had some of it often had obtained it more “stealing” from various masters and mixing what they have learned than through a real apprenticeship in a pure and coherent lineage, and/or, were reluctant to really share this knowledge with their students whose level was clear evidence of this … then I was lucky enough to see a video of Sifu Liang on Facebook, I was immediately impressed … there was something in his way of practicing the form or tui shou completely different from whoever I had met before … I decided to contact him and invite him to Rome to hold a workshop … the meeting in person surprised me even more … Sifu Liang immediately proved to be a martial artist with enormous skills, these are evident for those who have the martial level to perceive them, and even if he does not like to show off, from the first meeting I understood that his skills went far beyond what he was showing at that moment, and I had the confirmation of this through the private training sessions that subsequently followed… his very high ability to “control” the opponent, the power of his blows, especially impressive for such a light person, make it clear that what he puts into practice is a “real and pure internal gong fu”, and the level of his advanced students proves his sincerity in the transmission of the Art. To all this, I must add that he is a person of enormous generosity and humility which was as important to me as his martial abilities when I made the decision to abandon the practice of karate to dedicate myself exclusively to the taijiquan that he teaches asking him to be able to become his pupil. Since then I have invited him several times to Rome and I have also followed him in Europe to be able to train with him as much as possible … his skills and the knowledge he has in the profound art of Taijiquan every time surprise me more and more and over time a beautiful relationship of friendship has been also established. In the modern martial arts world we often hear people talking about Wu De, martial ethics, or “mysterious internal skills”, but then what we meet goes, just as often, in a completely different direction … Sifu Liang, in this context, is a rare exception and I consider myself lucky to be able to call him Master and Friend.