Sifu Liang De Hua is the real deal

Dehua Liang

I first met Liang De Hua in 2017, while he was teaching Taiji Quan to a group of students in Bangkok. Since that initial meeting, I have spent countless hours in his company. Having observed Sifu Liang De Hua instruct students on a one-to-one basis and conduct workshops attended by 40+ people, I have no hesitancy in testifying that Liang De Hua is a world-class instructor. He embodies authentic Taiji Quan skills and possesses a unique ability to transmit his high-level teachings to others. His continued efforts and willingness to share the Traditional Yang-style Taiji Quan methods are a rarity.
Before our initial meeting, I had read many stories of accomplished Taiji masters of the past. The tales of the early Yang Taiji masters attaining extraordinary skills and demonstrating remarkable internal abilities led me to believe that the old Yang system had not passed down in its entirety, and the knowledge was somehow lost over time. After meeting Sifu Liang and extensively experiencing his Taiji skills, I recognized that my earlier presumptions were wrong. The ancestral knowledge of the Old Yang system, including the traditional forms and sophisticated internal training methods, had indeed been preserved and can still be learned under his guidance.
Sifu Liang De Hua is the real deal. He is an accomplished practitioner, a talented teacher, and a generous person. If you’re looking for a teacher that has genuine internal skills, extensive knowledge of the arts, and the expertise to pass on their system efficiently, then an opportunity to train with Sifu Liang should not be missed.