I was in no doubt his ability and depth of understanding

Dehua Liang

I met Laing De Hua at one of his regular workshops in Italy. After having practiced Taiji from the age of 14, I quickly realized that I had found what I was looking for all those years ago. Liang gave clear and precise instruction, leaving no doubt about what you should be doing and dispensing with a lot of the mystical unclear terminology, using an easily understandable instructing style. Once I got hands-on experience (in which he was able to control and manipulate me with ease, and with a great big smile on his face!) I was in no doubt his ability and depth of understanding.<br data-rich-text-line-break=”true” />Upon getting into conversation and spending some time over lunch chatting it was also clear that he had more to offer than his Taiji skills. Liang is also very humble and down to earth, openly discussing matters of interest and having a laugh. I look forward to continuing training and exploring the depths of knowledge and experience Liang De Hua has to offer, I practice regularly what little I have learned from him but still feel I get so much from it.