I have never experienced such amazing high level of taichi

Dehua Liang

I would like to thank my Sifu Liang De Hua for all the taichi lessons and help he has given me. I’m a professional psychologist and have more than 20 years of experience practicing taichi, in 2019 I attended a workshop held in Chile and I was very lucky to meet Sifu Liang, I was deeply surprised by his extraordinary skills and his great knowledge of taichi, I was able to cross hands with him and in my years of practice I have never experienced such amazing high level of taichi. If they had told me, or seen it in a video, I don’t know if I would have believed it. At that moment I understood that if I really wanted to learn taichi, I had to follow its teachings. That was the taichi I had been searching for many years on! Now in 2020, he has accepted me as his student and now I call him my Sifu. I consider myself very lucky not only because I am learning a genuine taichi of the highest level, but also because in the human side, Liang is a humble person with a big heart, very generous, he helped me when I needed it the most, he is an authentic and sincere person, and like many already know, he is also happy and fun, it is always a pleasure to be with him, Liang is my sifu and he is my friend, and I also consider him my brother.I know that some times people criticize him on social networks because his videos seem not real. I can affirm that everything you see in the videos is real, there is no fake, the videos show real skills that can be learned by training with him.