I could not imagine that I would ever meet someone like this

Dehua Liang

Sifu Liang De Hua, the first time I touched hands with him I could understand that I was in front of a true martial artist, not just a person who gives classes of routines and exercises for you to practice. But I could see that he is some of the rare (nowadays) that not only have real experience but also keeps training and above of all he has the passion to share his knowledge. The first day we touched hands, I just had one thought in my mind: “what can I do with someone with his skill and internal power, he gives me a light punch or kick and feels like he is breaking my bone. I punch him hard and he is like the mythical iron shirt, as nothing is going on. And I have trained martial arts since childhood, I had fought hard with and without protections, I had 18 years of training traditional Kung Fu, and I could not imagine that I would ever meet someone like this.”<br data-rich-text-line-break=”true” />His knowledge of historical context and philosophy within the martial arts keeps surprising me each time I see him. I’m thankful to have met him and to be learning from him and besides that Sifu is a friendly, joyful and kind person that we who know him love to share time with.