He left a very deep impression on me

Dehua Liang

I recently met Sifu Liang De Hua at the 2020 Martial Camp in Thailand. Although it was only for 2 days, he left a very deep impression on me. Not only for his profound skills and understanding of Tai Chi Chuan, but also for his ability to teach and clearly pass on this knowledge. I found each of the students he brought to the seminar were also highly skilled and equally good natured. I also enjoyed his natural, light-hearted and easy going nature. He is a very humble man, who is honest and open about himself and his level of skill. He never once made any exaggerated claims about his abilities. It is extremely rare to find such a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan who can both use it with such devastating effectiveness and also teach it clearly, with genuine understanding and openness. His natural good natured lightheartedness belies his profound skill and his deep commitment individually to each of his students. I believe the chance to learn from him and become one of his students would be one of the greatest opportunities in life.