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How to change your subscription from Paypal

Dear members,

I’m writing to inform you about some upcoming changes to how payments are processed on our website. Due to changes recently announced by PayPal affecting businesses registered in Thailand, we will no longer accept payments made using PayPal on our platform from March 07th, 2022.

How will this affect you?
If you have an active monthly or yearly subscription to one of the courses on our site and purchased the course using PayPal, you will need to change your payment method on our website.

What is the solution?
After March 07th, 2022, your subscription will still be active until its expiration date, but your subscription will no longer be rebilled. So you can wait until your current subscription has expired. However, to ensure that your current subscription will be canceled correctly, here is the solution:

First step: Please cancel your subscription before March 07th, 2022, to avoid any auto rebill made by Paypal. You can cancel your subscription by:

  1. Log in to your account on our site.
  2. In the member page, click the My Account tab in the left side menu.
  1. Find the subscriptions tab on the page and click it.
  1. You will see your subscription on the page. Please click ‘Cancel’ on the cancel tab on the right.

Second step: After you cancel your subscription, your account subscription will still be active until its expiration date. You can wait until your subscription expires. After your subscription has expired, you can subscribe again by following the steps listed below:

  1. Log in to your account on our site.
  2. Go back to the front page to choose either a monthly or yearly membership and click to subscribe again.
  1. Alternatively, you can click on the Re-subscribe tab from the side menu on the member page. Then you will see the Re-subscribe page (you can see the re-subscription option only after your previous subscription has expired).
  1. Subscribe again. You can now pay via credit/debit card, as the PayPal option is no longer available.

In addition, all the credit card payments on our site are made by Stipe. You can ensure it will be secure, encrypted, and protected.

Third step: After you re-subscribe using the new payment method, the system will consider it the new subscription. You need to do these steps to get all the contents from your previous subscriptions:

  1. Log in to your account on our site.
  2. In the member page, click the ‘Support’ tab in the left side menu, then you will see the ‘Support‘ page.
  1. Send me a message with a simple topic or details like ‘Re-subscribe with no more Paypal.’
  2. Your subscription will be extended and work again within 24 hours.

Important Note: Please don’t send any messages by email. All correspondence must be done through the website only to ensure your message is delivered successfully.

Special: I understand this is a little complicated, but it is the only solution after Paypal closes their service in Thailand. I appreciate your work to solve the problem together and keep being a part of our Academy. So as a thank you, I would like to give you some special lessons. This includes at least four videos, equal to the number of videos received in a month for everyone who re-subscribes again with the credit card after March 07th, 2022. The videos will include special training on Taiji striking, Taiji Hands, Nei Gong, etc.

If you have any problems updating your payment information, please do not hesitate to contact me to assist you. I appreciate your understanding.