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Are you looking for comprehensive Taijiquan online training?

  Are you interested in learning authentic Old Yang-style Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) that is considered a lost art?
  Would you like to learn the Traditional Yang Taiji Pushing Hands sets?
  Do you want to advance your internal skills?
  Do you want to learn the true internal forces (Jins) of Taijiquan?
  Do you want to complete the missing parts of your Taiji training?
  Do you want to achieve the maximum benefits from your Taiji practice?


Welcome to Taiji Academy Online

Welcome to our Taiji Academy, the most comprehensive and authentic instruction in Yang style Taijiquan available online. The Taiji Academy Online was established by Liang Dehua, a world-renowned instructor of Yang style Taijiquan and founder of the Wen Wu Academy of Taijiquan and Internal Arts.

Authentic Taijiquan is rare and difficult to find, as it was previously reserved exclusively for the Chinese. This is the first time that Liang Dehua will share the Old Yang style syllabus deriving from the official lineage of Grandmaster Gu Lisheng to the online world. Our comprehensive online training is available to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice or if you’re an experienced Taijiquan practitioner wanting to advance your skills to the next level. Everyone can benefit from our online academy from the comfort of their home.

Start training Taijiquan today for a better life.

For only $1.45 a day, you can begin your transformation and develop new martial arts skills. Enrich your body, energy, and mind through unique training methods, find inner harmony, and benefit from a peaceful life. There are countless benefits to training Taijiquan. When you invest in the study of Taijiquan, you are investing in yourself.


Train to increase your physical strength and improve your skeletal alignment. Discover the mysteries of internal movement through the Taijiquan postures. Develop a healthy body and practical martial skills for self-defense.


Build internal power using the traditional Nei Gong (internal training) exercises of Yang style Taijiquan. Mobilize your internal energy (Qi) through the harmony of Yin and Yang. Learn how to cultivate the energy of both heaven and earth.


Authentic Taijiquan training increases the power of your intention, relieves stress, and builds a sharp focus. After only a few weeks of continued practice, you will develop a tranquil state of mind, allowing you to remain calm and peaceful in your everyday life.

An Authentic Yang style Taijiquan system


Our Yang style Taijiquan teaching syllabus derives from the official lineage of Grandmaster Gu Lisheng (Gu Luping), which was passed down from Gu Lisheng’s last indoor student, Master Chi Qingsheng. Grandmaster Gu Lisheng was a student of both Yang Shaohou and Yang Chengfu, Liang Dehua is a certified 6th generation indoor student of this lineage.

Gu Lisheng’s lineage has the most complete and comprehensive system of Yang Taijiquan, consisting of all Yang Taiji hand forms (including the small frame), internal methods (Gong Fa), push hands, fighting, and weapons.

The Academy


Video lessons

A complete and authentic course comprising of in-depth video instructions of both the Yang Chengfu and Yang Shaohou Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) systems, including several forms, countless traditional push hands sets, Nei Gong exercises, and weapon forms.


Supporting materials

As well as the video lessons, we also provide additional content to help you better understand Taijiquan. These additional materials will help you to expand your understanding further so that you can fully comprehend the system you are studying.


Additional training

Our teaching program is not restricted to online. We are expanding our education programs worldwide through our workshops, official branches and affiliate schools so that you can receive additional training and become a certified instructor of our academy.

Liang Dehua

Liang Dehua was born in Hong Kong and presently resides in Thailand. Over the past 20 years, he has studied several martial arts from numerous masters, with a strong focus on Yang-style Taijiquan and Qi Gong. Liang Dehua later became an indoor student of the official lineage of Grandmaster Gu Lisheng and was established as a 6th generation of the lineage holder and representative of the school outside of China.


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Subscribe to our online Taiji Academy NOW

Gain the maximum benefits from your training from learning the most extensive teaching syllabus
and authentic system of Yang style Taijiquan available online NOW!

What's included?

  •   1+ video lesson per week.
  •   Video instructions of authentic Taijiquan forms.
  •   Martial applications from the forms.
  •   Solo training to develop the various Jins of Taijiquan.
  •   The authentic Yang Taiji Nei Gong methods.
  •   Zhan Zhuang and Song Gong exercises.
  •   Yang Taiji traditional push hands training.
  •   Various Taijiquan weapon forms.
  •   Video lectures discussing the principles of Taijiquan, Nei Gong Xin Fa, Jins, etc.
  •   In-depth explanations of Taijiquan theory.
  •   Instructions of the I Ching philosophy used in Taijiquan.
  •   Additional written material and articles for reading.
  •   Private online community and much more.

Our Pricing


$ 47 /Month
  • Monthly Subscription


$ 529
  • Yearly Subscription

Community Learning Group

The Academy’s subscribers can also access our private online community, including our Facebook group and the social group created on our website. In addition, members can participate in the occasional online video meeting sessions. So you can be sure there will be someone in the community available to answer any questions or problems you run into as you progress through the course.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

One new video per week is guaranteed and available to watch in the primary learning path section of the members' area. There are also further videos and supporting materials available throughout the course to assist your training and advance your development.

You can cancel your subscription anytime. You will have access to the lessons until your subscription has expired.

After your subscription has expired, you can still access the archived lesson page for the lessons you have previously viewed on the Video Archives page. If you cannot access the lessons, please use the 'Support' page to contact me so that I can manually approve you for the lessons.

You can restart from the point where you left. If the site does not recognize your previous position in the course, please contact me to help you restore your subscription.

Yes, it will continue the lessons from your monthly membership. But If my website consider your new you as a new member by errors. Please contact me so that I can manually update your subscription and enable you to continue the course without having to start from the beginning.

Paypal can occasionally take longer than expected to process the recurring payment. If this happens, your account status will show as 'pending' until Paypal has processed your payment. Please do not worry, Paypal usually processes the recurring payment within 24 hours.

Sorry, we don't have that option. Our program starts with the Yang Big Frame, as prescribed by the Yang family's traditional teaching. Even if you have learned this form previously, there may be differences in the details and the way I teach. Learning the Yang Big Frame from me ensures that the correct primary foundation is in place, and you are fully prepared for our future training.

To cancel your subscription, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on 'My Subscriptions' in the left panel menu.
  2. You will see your active subscriptions listed. Click on 'Cancel' next to the subscription you wish to cancel.

Please do not attempt to cancel your subscription by sending an email to our admin, as there is a risk it could go unnoticed if it lands in the spam box. This would result in your subscription being auto-rebilled for the next month.

If you are a member, you can use the 'Support' page to contact me and for the fastest assistance. You can also join our member group on Facebook by sending a request to the group. After you've submitted your answer, I will then add you to the group. Alternatively, if you don't have a Facebook account, you can also post in the discussion group located in the website's members' area.

If you are not a member and need to get in touch, you can send an email to [email protected]. Please note that any messages sent via email will take longer to receive a reply. If for some reason you do not receive a response after several days, please send another email as your first attempt may not have reached my inbox.