005: Taiji Quan Training by Yang Chengfu


太极拳之程序,先练拳架(属于徒手),如太极拳、太极长拳;其次单手推挽、原地推手、活步推手、大捋、散手;再次则器械,如太极剑、太极刀、太极枪(十三枪)等是也。In practicing taijiquan, one should first of all start from the Quan Jia or boxing’s frame such as Taijiquan (Taiji Practicing frame or slow frame) and Taiji Changquan (Taiji Long Boxing or fast frame); then one can proceed to single-hand Tui Shou, fixed step Tui Shou, active steps Tui Shou, Da Lu, and San Shou; and after a period one can take exercises with weapons such as taiji sword, taiji broadsword, taiji spear, etc.

-Yang Chengfu-